Our Team

Our Story

Meet Marleigh and Clare – Co-owners of 3 Cedars Wellness Collective. This dynamic duo shared a vision of building a community of passionate practitioners with a common goal of elevating women’s health in Nanaimo, and helping young families thrive. In 2020 the pair decided to pursue their goal, bringing 3 Cedars Wellness Collective to life. Marleigh and Clare have worked tirelessly to create the space of their dreams and open Nanaimo’s first multidisciplinary clinic with a special focus on women’s health and family care.

Marleigh and Clare love their jobs and the positive impact that they can make in their patients lives daily. Although 3 Cedars Wellness Collective treats all people with unbiased care, the team shares a passion and love for supporting women in their health and wellness journeys. Throughout the years of working with patients, Clare and Marleigh discovered that it is not always easy to navigate the healthcare system. There are many gaps that leave women with unanswered questions and no path. By committing to lifelong learning, 3 Cedars Wellness Collective strives to be the primary source for access to all things women, family and parenting.

Our amazing team

Dr. Marleigh Edwards

Chiropractor, Co-owner

Dr. Clare Craig

Naturopathic Doctor, Co-owner

Dr. Jody Hrynuik


Brianna MacInnis

Registered Acupuncturist

Emily MacHattie


Danielle Bird

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Erin Jessop

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Miranda Muzsik

Registered Massage Therapist

Marshall Cook

Registered Massage Therapist

Melissa Gould

Registered Massage Therapist

Jenna Bonnell

Clinic Manager

Vanessa Jassar

Administrative Assistant

Mandy Tanguay

Administrative Assistant

All practitioners and health care providers working at 3 Cedars Wellness Collective Nanaimo Inc. are independent contractors operating their own business independent of the clinic. None are employees and neither party is an agent of the other.